Yet more talent in our town, Jo Plumridge photographer extraordinaire…

We speak to Chesham based photographer Jo Plumridge about her work and her thoughts on our fantastic town.

  1. How long have you been in Chesham?

I’ve been in Chesham for 8 years. I grew up in Jordans (a tiny village near Beaconsfield), lived and travelled round the world and then ended up back in Bucks!

  1. How did you decide to set up in Chesham?

My now husband and I wanted to stay in the area to be near family and friends. And I had an existing photography and writing business in Buckinghamshire, so obviously didn’t want to lose all my contacts! I actually didn’t know Chesham very well before we moved here, but we fell in love with a house and that made the decision for us.

  1. What would surprise your customers to know about you / your company?

I think the thing that usually surprises my photography clients is just how much kit you need for a simple portrait shoot. I usually turn up with around 8-10 bags of cameras, lights and accessories. On the personal front, people might be surprised to learn that as well as being a photographer and writer; I’m also a volunteer for Cats Protection. Amongst other things, I foster cats in my house until they find a permanent home. It’s incredibly rewarding and I’d urge everyone to give it a go!

  1. What is the best thing about being based in Chesham?

Undoubtedly the people. We’ve made some great friends here and there’s also a strong artistic community, which helps to make me feel at home. If I can have a second thing as well, the varied choice of places to eat as someone with annoying food intolerances is pretty fantastic too!

  1. New developments for this month?

I’m always working on different things but I am currently keen on doing more pet photography, as I love working with animals. So, if anyone in Chesham would like their pets professionally photographed, I am offering a 20% on all packages

Contact Details

Jo Plumridge Photography and you can contact me on 07712 673034

Website / media presence

Twitter: @JoPlumridge

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