A new treasure trove in Chesham…the Trilogy Emporium

We speak to the lovely Trisha who explains her exciting new venture….based just a few minutes walk from the town centre, in Alexander Street.

How long have you been in Chesham? 

Trilogy Emporium opened in Chesham on 23 February 2019. I took over the license in June following a few changes to the original business partnership, which has been a positive step forward. It’s still very new and it’s great to welcome new people as they discover the shop.

How did you decide to set up in Chesham?

It was a bit of good luck really. I’d come to look at a different site and saw this unit advertised quite by chance. If felt right straight away, I could picture it in my mind. It’s a great space with lots of potential to move things around without feeling cluttered.

What would surprise your customers to know about you / your company?

I’m not sure I have many personal surprises! I’m a proud mother of two very grown up children (a teacher and a trainee personal trainer). My partner has 5 younger children – so Christmas is hectic! As far as the business, well I guess I’ve been preparing for it since I was 7 years old and would go to all the jumble sales looking for ‘treasure’. My best find was a gold ring and a gold locket which cost me my 50p pocket money!

What is the best thing about being based in Chesham?

Chesham has a good community vibe, there are so many helpful and friendly people. I’ve met some wonderful people who pop in regularly and have a chat. I’ve discovered some very talented people who make and bake for hobbies – unbelievably talented people. It’s a good location to get to via the tube line and by road. The market keeps the centre busy and offers lots of interesting items. There’s a kind of relaxed atmosphere too.

New developments for this month?

As part of Trilogy Emporium support for the Alzheimer’s Society, during September items marked ‘charity sale’ will be available with all the proceeds from those items being donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.

Contact Details:

Trilogy Emporium

1 Alexander Street



Tel: 07913 266444

Website / media presence

Check out Facebook: www.facebook.com/Trilogy-Emporium





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