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We are delighted that you are thinking of making an application for funding from us. Below is some information about our criteria for approving applications. Please, take a moment to read these notes before completing the form.

Criteria for Approving Funding

• Chesham Connect aims to be the Hub of the local community: supporting voluntary and community groups, and providing advice, financial help and encouragement to both new and established groups, for the wider benefit of Chesham.
• We offer small grants (in the region of £250) to groups, organisations and individuals in support of initiatives of benefit to the Chesham Community.
• Chesham Connect funding is intended to help start a new project or, occasionally, to assist in initiating a new phase of an existing project and should usually be related to a specific proposal.
Our key criteria used to assess an application are:
• Applicant has strong links to the Chesham/Greater Chesham area and is a member of Chesham Connect (or undertakes to become a member as result of making this application)
• The project will benefit the community and fits Chesham Connects’ Mission Statement and Aims.
• The applicant has presented a plan with details of the aims of the project and projected outcome. Also with details of the planned costings and health and safety considerations commensurate with the scale of the project.
• An applicant can only be supported for a maximum of three years for the same project other than in exceptional circumstances (these circumstances to be agreed by the Executive Committee when considering each application).
• The applicant must agree to support and promote Chesham Connect and must present their results at the Chesham Connect AGM. Date to be advised. Please have a look at our Criteria for funding page before completing this online form, and if you have a further questions, please contact

Chesham Connect Application Form

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The application will be forwarded to the Chesham Connect Committee for consideration. If your application meets our key criteria you will be invited to attend a general meeting of Chesham Connect to promote your application and answer any questions. If you are a new member we would also like you to tell us about your organisation. The final decision will be made by the Committee and you will be advised of their decision soon afterwards.
The submission of this application form will be taken as a request to join the membership of Chesham Connect and you will be contacted to confirm your membership. Chesham Connect will use the information you have provided to process your funding application and your membership. As a member of Chesham Connect, we will send you email communications to keep you up to date with Chesham Connect activities.  Chesham Connect will retain your contact details for as long as you remain a member. You may contact Chesham Connect at any time to ask us to remove your details from our records. You can read our Privacy Policy here. Get in touch with us by email to or in writing to Chesham Connect. c/o Chesham Town Hall. Chesham HP5 1DS