Objectives for 2017

Objective 1 (Financial)
to present to the 2017 AGM a paper identifying a minimum of 4 potential funders in addition to the Chiltern District Council Grant. The paper will include a timetable for submitting applications in 2018;
to award a minimum of 4 small grants by October 2017 of which at least one is a new project and to continue to act (if requested) as Banker and Treasurer for small groups and community and unregistered start-up projects.

Objective 2 (Profile)
to identify at least one position on the Executive Committee dedicated to lead on the promotion of the refreshed organisation by May 2017 and to oversee the development of an exciting and current website independent of the Town Council which will go live by 31st July 2017.

Objective 3 (Communications and Marketing)
to build and keep an updated diary of events, meetings and other time sensitive information (eg closing dates for grants or consultation) for the use of Chesham and Greater Chesham as part of the independent web site to be fully operational by 30th September 2017.

Objective 4 (Planning)
to establish formal links with a minimum of four organisations with a similar goal and invite them to executive meetings so that joint aims can be prioritised and built into the 2018 Action Plan by the AGM in October 2017.

Objective 5 (Direct and Indirect Provision of resources)
to increase the number of visitors to Chesham by 20% (will need to establish if and where these figures are recorded) by the end of 2019 providing and underpinning a range of facilities and activities that support and encourage such an increase whilst ensuring such activities comply with legislation and insurance liabilities. For the purpose of this objective visitors are defined as Chesham residents spending more time in the High Street and visitors who do not live in Chesham or Greater Chesham but who impact on the local economy (the dwell time will be converted to a measurable).

Objective 6 (Membership)
to build an active membership of Chesham Connect to 40 local groups/20 individuals, for example 10/10 in year one; 20/20 in year 2 and 30/30 by year 3 attracting and involving residents of all demographics that closely mirror the demographic of Chesham and Greater Chesham.