We can act as your banker

Do you have an idea and some funding for a community event or project but do not have a bank account?

Chesham Connect may be able to act pro tem as your “Banker”

You may be a group of individuals or organisations, not formally constituted as an entity and therefore unable to open a bank account.

You may be planning a one-off event and do not wish to formally register or you do intend to register but want to make a start immediately.

Working with your Treasurer, Chesham Connect can manage your funds.  Receiving and paying in and settling invoices according to your instructions. At the end of the project or agreed period, we will supply an account detailing income and expenditure. This account will be fully audited as part of Chesham Connect end of year Accounts procedure. There is no charge for this service which is in line with our aim of supporting the voluntary and community groups of Chesham.

If you would like to know more then contact:

Stuart Ottley, Chesham Connect Treasurer