Buckinghamshire are doing a #WelcomeBackBucks social media campaign to celebrate and promote businesses re-opening. They’re asking businesses to record a 10-second video sharing what you’re most excited about re-opening and they’ll incorporate it into a video to spread the buzz. Why not get involved!
For businesses opening on 17 May, suggestions on what to say might be: “We at [business name] can’t wait to see kids back in our [leisure venue] having a blast!”, “We’re excited for you to try out our new menu, relaxing in our restaurant!” or “it’ll be brilliant to get you back having fun in our gym classes – it’s been too quiet!”
Video tips
• Send to communications@buckinghamshire.gov.uk
• Record landscape (mobile phone is fine)
• No longer than 10 second clip
• Ideally record in your business venue or outside of it, make sure sound quality is good
• In your email mention:
The name/s of the person/people in the recording,
the name of your business,
the town where your business is located,
when you are due to open (already open, 17 May or another date)
Your social media details if you’d like to be tagged