A new art gallery comes to Domesco in Chesham

This spotlight is looking at Brian Ridgley from Domesco, which is located at the Sainsburys end of the High Street.  Brian has a great range of quality brands ready for delivery.  His many customers enjoy his honest advice, personal touch and fast delivery service.  However Brian has other plans up his sleeve……

How long have you been in Chesham?

I have been in Chesham exactly 5 years this month.  How’s that for an anniversary?!

How did you decide to set up in Chesham?

I set up here as I knew the previous owners of Domesco and always liked the company.  I have been in this industry since 1981 and know the domestic appliance market very well.  I started small with only a few stock items and delivering in my car.  Later as the business grew I was able to hold more stock and bought the van that you see all around the area.  I deliver to all the surrounding areas and its all part of the service.

What would surprise your customers to know about you / your company?

I have always been interested in photography and have recently achieved my LRPS with the Royal Photographic Society, which is no mean feat!  I am also a member of the Amersham Photographic Society and a previous member of the Wycombe camera club.  I used to do my own developing  and have now embraced the digital age.  I enjoy taking photographs of wildlife, aviation, and coastal scenes amongst many other subjects.  I am also trained in ballroom, latin and disco dancing.

What is the best thing about being based in Chesham?

It’s a lovely town with beautiful countryside, within two minutes you can be in stunning countryside. There is a charming mix of the old and new town with some great shops with lots of independent shops.  There are lots of lovely customers who appreciate using an independent retailer.  They like the quick and personal touch, honest advice and all the models in the shop are fully working for demonstrations.  I also have lots of great relationships with other businesses in the town, such as C P Summers who does installations, Potter and Ford and Hadlands, who I help by arranging appliances for tenants.

New developments for this month?

I have always wanted to open an art gallery.  I have always had local artists display their work alongside my appliances but I have decided to take this further.  I have moved some stock into other parts of the shop and have created a new smaller version of Artworks, the pop up community art gallery you may remember from a few years ago.  So we have artwork in all mediums, glass, metal craft, leather work, flowers all from local artists.  So do pop in, there may be things that will surprise you.  I am arranging a fund raising event in November to coincide with Children in Need – I’ll publish more details of how to get involved nearer the time.

So we still have the same extensive stock but we have art as well – a perfect but unusual combination!

Contact Details

You can contact Brian at 01494 784214 or by email at brianridgley@hotmail.co.uk

Website / media presence www.domesco-chesham.com

Updates on the Artworks side can be found at www.facebook/cheshamartworks


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