Blue Haze – A den of craft gorgeousness in our High Street

We chat to the delightful Hazel of Blue Haze about her lovely shop and craft workshop which attracts customers from far and wide.  Being crafty herself she can offer advice and tips too.  Her knitted bollard covers are legendary and add a quirky, arty feel to our town.

How long have you been in Chesham?

Hubby & I have lived in Chesham for nearly 22years.

Blue Haze will be celebrating it’s 14th birthday this coming 23rd April! There will be cake!

How did you decide to set up in Chesham?

I was determined to work & live in the same town! Having been a commuter all my working life up till then.

The year after we moved to Chesham the owner of ‘A Stitch In Time’ on White Hill retired, I was really disappointed when that happened as so many others were. I was fed up with having to get into the car just to buy a good quality sewing thread etc.

What would surprise your customers to know about you / your company?

I have no idea really, most of our customers know me quite well now! Perhaps, that I am a petrolhead! I have just recently become the proud owner of a 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray and Hubby has a 1966 Alfa Romeo Race Car!

Blue Haze was actually my CB handle back in the day. Blue being my favourite colour and Haze being short for Hazel, but please don’t ever call me Haze, I don’t like it!

What is the best thing about being based in Chesham?

Chesham is a lovely place to have a business, the town has so many loyal people living in it. The retailers are a tight knit community too, we are always recommending each other. It helps to keep shoppers in the town, which helps keep the town healthy.

New developments for this month?

In January we started asking our customers to bring us their un-wanted used/recyclable bags. Blue Haze doesn’t believe in single use plastic, for some time now, we have been re-using the bags which our products arrive in, that goes for paper too! So many customers now have their own bags and we have been given quite a lot of re-usable bags already. Which we’re very grateful for!

We’re in the process of having the workshop re-decorated, which will be nice once finished. Getting rid of the evidence of the old leaky roof which we had replaced back in September last year.

Contact Details

Blue Haze Arts & Crafts, 2 Church Street, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, HP5 1HT

Telephone – 01494 782030

Website / media presence

Twitter – @BlueHazeCrafts

Instagram – #bluehazeartscrafts

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