Healthright – A long standing asset to our High Street

We speak to the lovely Roger about the history and future plans for this great health food shop in Chesham.

How long have you been in Chesham?

Healthright has been trading in Chesham for nearly 33 years, though for the first three years or so the store traded as Lifecycle, which was essentially the same business, but trading under a franchise agreement.

How did you decide to set up in Chesham?

The franchising company helped us decide on the site in Chesham.  They thought it would be slow to take off, and it did take about a year before we moved into profit.  We live in Tring and wanted to set up in business somewhere larger, but not too far to travel.

What would surprise your customers to know about you / your company?

Newer customers may be surprised to know that the previous business trading from 27 High Street was a butchers, part of a chain called Baxters, which was closing down everywhere in the mid-1980s.

What is the best thing about being based in Chesham?

The best thing about being based in Chesham is that is large enough to support a variety of trades and activities, but small enough to function as a real community.

New developments for this month?

New for February we are expecting to have a unit offering refills for up to 14 food products, including oats, brown rice, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.  Last month we introduced a refill service for Bio D Washing –Up and Laundry Liquid and before that a small range of Faith In Nature Shampoos, Conditioners and Body Washes.

In addition, our main supplier of prepacks of wholefoods (Just Natural) are phasing in compostable packaging made only from plant raw materials.  Unfortunately this packaging is not home compostable, but it contains no plastic, and may be disposed of with food waste.

Another development for the longer term is that a group of customers and staff will be meeting to start to formulate plans to create a co-operative to take over the ownership of the company from Tessa and Roger Oliver.

Contact Details:

27 High Street HP5 1BG

Tel: 01494 771267


Website / media presence:


INSTAGRAM – healthright_chesham

FACEBOOK – healthrightchesham1

TWITTER – @healthright_c

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