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JPS Stationers, for all your stationery needs in Chesham

Its the turn of JPS Stationers to be in the limelight this time…I always find something I need and I always get lots of help when I need it….introducing Ray…

How Long Have You Been In Chesham?

JPS Stationers opened in 1998,following the acquisition of Chilterns Office Efficiency. But Stationery selling in 7 Market Square goes back many more years. In 2019 there will have been a stationery supplier to the town of Chesham from this building continuously for 125 years.

How did you decide to set up in Chesham

We (Ray and Heather) bought JPS in 2011 to become a new independent shop. The industry has changed dramatically in 20 years. For instance in 1998 the shop held 100s of typewriter ribbons, now people print from their laptops and computers at home. JPS has adapted with  a range of computer print cartridges. However School and Office supplies for the current  home and business, pens, paper and envelopes, filing  are still at the core.

What would surprise your customers about your company?

The name “Stationers” over the door only tells part of the story. JPS has a large Art and Craft Materials department. We have also added Specialist Graphics and Design products, greetings cards, Journals and Fine writing pens. We are the only shop in town with a full range of Chesham Local Interest books, souvenirs and gift lines, always in stock. In 2012 we became a stockist of Tintin memorabilia.

For local business that are committed to reducing carbon emissions and shopping locally, JPS are a full Office Supplies Dealer, with the ability to set up business accounts and meet their various needs. And we supply with next day delivery.

Ray owns a classic car and has an interest in music and record collecting. He cycles and walks especially in North Devon, his favourite part of Britain – apart from Chesham – and he works an allotment, mostly digging and grass cutting. He is a member of Newtown Baptist Church.

Heather is a keen gardener and works an allotment together with Ray, producing a diverse range of fruit and veg. She loves to cook, reads and walks. An accomplished artist, she enjoys sketching in North Devon . She is a member of Newtown Baptist Church.

Despite the growth of the internet, Chesham still has a huge diversity of products and shops. We are surprised people put up with the inconvenience, postage costs, collection and delivery problems online. Add to that the possibility the item isn’t suitable, when you can see, feel and handle the products before you buy when you shop on the high street. You may even save money.

What is the best thing about being based in Chesham.

With a history of tolerance in Faith ,Chesham still has its strength in Community and  diversity. As a family business we have been continually surprised by the support of so many people in the town.

The town’s location near the countryside but close to London is a secret that is being appreciated by more people outside the town.

Creative people seem to be drawn here too, with Artists and Writers, and the whole Film industry on our doorstep. JPS is ideally located with our creative products for all who are innovative and organised.

Thanks Ray for the Spotlight on JPS! Why not pop in and see Ray, Heather and the JPS Team soon?

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