Lowndesbourne Town Picnic

Chesham Connect are delighted to be supporting Lowndesbourne Town Picnic again this year.

The Picnic started in 2015, when an idea from a user of the local Facebook group OurChesham to have a community picnic was taken up by the Friends of Lowndes Park and combined with their music event Lowndesbourne.  The result was a highly popular event attended by over 1000 people. The second year was also a great success with expanded free activities for children and a great range of music including the Pakistani folk music band Pothwar.

This year The Friends are getting even more people involved by organising the creation of the Chesham Town Bunting, with all the triangles made by local people and groups, to decorate the avenue in the park.

The ethos of this event is to be completely free and to be an outing that anyone can be a part of without any pressure to spend money and to be a great community event for the whole town.

Project Date: 2017

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