Spotlight on Orbitpress

Welcome to our second spotlight on another gem of a company in our town, the marvellous Orbit Press…enjoy!

How long have you been in Chesham?

Orbitpress first opened in 1982, in October this year Orbitpress will be 36 years old!

How did you decide to set up in Chesham?

The company was started by Colin and Maureen Kruse.  Chris joined the company in 1984 and Sean in 1988, with Laura arriving in 1999, these three went on to buy the company in 2004.  We all went through a massive learning curve, we spent the first few years bring Orbitpress into the 21st century, starting with a website and upgrading our computer systems and machinery, which seems to be a never ending exercise.

The nature of our business has changed dramatically over the years too.  The bulk of work was always litho printing, we had two presses running constantly.  Now, because of advances in digital print technology, we produce a lot of our work on our digital press, which brings the flexibility of full colour print without the associated plate and set up costs. This has really helped us to keep up with the pace, a job that would take us a week or so to do 10 years ago, we can now do in a matter of hours. (if you can give us a little more time, though, it’s always appreciated!)

What would surprise your customers to know about your company?

That we can get pretty much anything printed …. from a simple business card to beer mats! Business stationery, manuals, presentation folders, leaflets, wedding stationery, orders of service, greetings cards and artist prints to name but a few.

A bit more about the team:

Laura: Likes pottery, gardening, reading, dogs, has a springer spaniel called Dixie, Chesham Museum Trustee. Enjoys going to the Rex in Berko, eating out.

Chris: has an interest in classic cars, plays basketball, reading, music, has a springer spaniel called Dixie! Great at baking bread! Enjoys going to the Rex in Berko, eating out.

Sean:  Is married with 2 children, keen photographer, also plays basketball, music, movies

David: Likes music, setting up own record label, plays football, enjoys a pint!

Carl; Likes model making enjoys tinkering with his 3d printer, reading, also enjoys a pint!

What is the best thing about being based in Chesham?

We love living and working in the Chiltern hills, being able to look out of our office window and seeing fields and trees before sky.  From a business point of view, Chesham is a thriving town with 1000’s of businesses and shops spread throughout the whole area, not just the high street.  We have many local customers but quite a few from further away, who like a trip out to Chesham just because it’s such a lovely place.

We also produce prints and cards for many local artists, there are so many in Chesham.

We also regularly support Chiltern Dog Rescue, Workaid, Birchwood Painters and Chesham Museum.

New developments for this month?

We are offering a 15% discount on A5 leaflets, please quote this code: A5CCBLOG (T&C’S apply)

Contact Details: Orbitpress Ltd, 01494 778053

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