Visitors to the Chesham Station garden

Chesham Connect awarded a grant to the Chesham Station garden revival project.  I’m sure that you would agree that the difference these brilliant people have made is fantastic.  The station garden welcomes its residents and visitors alike and its a pleasure to see.  I was lucky enough to meet this merry hardworking group, they are truly dedicated, enthusiastic and selfless.  They also need plant or seed donations if you have any spare.

The garden however has had some new visitors in the form of two bronze hares who are adding to the Easter celebrations.  These beautiful hares have  been kindly lent to the garden by local sculptor Stephen Charlton.  Stephen explains his inspiration:

“Why do we laugh when tickled by others but not when we tickle ourselves?”

To make people smile inside is the driving force behind the creatures I create. I embark on a journey to capture the essence of an animal, deliberately leaving detail to be filled-in by the viewer. Rather than create anatomical studies of my subjects, I observe behaviour, stance and character. Character is the essence of an individual. Whether mouse or elephant, character prevails.

Sculpture has given me a feeling of purpose, something that can be enjoyed by so many who will see and feel something for themselves. So, I will continue my quest, to take commissions and to tickle the insides of my audiences.

So please say hello to the hares as you wander along the platform and look at the creativity in your very own town.

To find out more about Stephen do check out:

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